Saturday, December 1

Good Morning Everyone..........

Happy December! We are met with March like weather today.........I ought to go pull weeds, but I think I shall sew skirts instead. I'm glad the cinnamon rolls I made yesterday was still November, it would have been a horrible way to start a month. ugh
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Chas said...

Well, I am making up for you... I am making a HUGE batch of cinnamon rolls this morning for a LATE Thanksgiving breakfast we are having.
Love to you my friend!

Peach said...

I don't see any Dr. Peppers..... you forgot Dr. Pepper.

Mobunny said...

uhhhh, Peach,
we were all feeling slushy I guess

My cinnamon rolls did not turn out and I did everything right and they just were NOT good.
I always follow the recipe when there is yeast involved.