Thursday, December 6

good morning everbody

I love leaf pictures. This is on the east side of the house..........we used to have glorious leaves in the back yard...........but the neighbor cut down all of their trees.

Today is my dad's birthday. I don't remember his birthdays when I still lived at home with them. Evidently we didn't make a very big deal out of his day. I kinda wish I were in Kansas............I could at least watch The Price Is Right with him or something. And go eat a hamburger at the cafe by their house. And look in the little trailer he's fixing up. He gave me the blue sink out of the trailer. It's neat and tiny. If you ever need a sink, I probably have one for you. My dad doesn't like sweets. He likes fried pork chops. With a piece of white bread. My mom bought him some flannel sheets for his birthday. It's cold in Kansas.
My dad used to give me neat rocks for my birthday.
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Michele, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAD. I know he will enjoy the flannel sheets.

I know he wishes you were there also. He would probably love eating a hamburger with you and watching "price Is Right." I wish you could be there also. love you, Grnadma

Hon Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Dad's B-Days either. Someone asked me at work today what I was going to do special for him on this 70th B-Day and I was speechless. What would he like??? I really don't know! I did send him a Foghorn/Leghorn card about him being hard of hearing. Maybe that will give him a laugh. I just pray the Lord will keep him around till he is saved!! and I am so thankful he is still around! Kristi

Anonymous said...

Another comment that Dad has always said to me is: If I would have known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself. Kristi

P.S. Did you know that Bob Barker is not on the Price is Right anymore. Its a guy named Drew Carey. It is not the same show.

Mobunny said...

I don't remember dad's birthdays, but I do remember him saying the saying!
and i also remember mom AND dad saying, why can't you remember anything serious?

Peach said...

HEY!!!! My Dad's birthday is today, too!!!! Wow!!!
Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!

Chas said...

Happy birthday to your dad.... Mrs. Mo! :)
I know what you mean... it makes us think about making more memories TODAY with our family, and making special days EVEN more special!

Anonymous said...

We called your Dad last night but your Mom said he wasn't at home at the time so we left Birthday greeting from Grandpa and me. He was probably out having that Hamburger. Grandma

Mobunny said...

He was at the doctor hoping to get some help with his legs that hurt and go numb on him.
The doc said he couldn't do anything for him.