Saturday, December 29

For Aunt Gladys

This is an Aunt Gladys pitcher. Everytime I see one, I think of Aunt Gladys.........she always had dishes like this. She also crochets doilies. She also had a little kid chair with the same 'formica?' as these things are on. It looked like a table, then you pushed on the middle, and there was a chair to plunk a little kid into. I'm sure it would be outlawed now cause it would pinch fingers and hand kids from their elbows. If you ever need somebody to play Scrabble with you, my Aunt Gladys will!!! She is the best sport I know. I won two games in a row one time (when they lived in Seward) and she just grinned. Didn't even flinch or try to throw something at me. I'm sorry for all of you that did not have an Aunt Gladys. She was the one that said YOU'RE GOING TO NICKLE AND DIME ME TO DEATH. I would stay a week with them in the summer and have a glorious time. I love you Aunt Gladys.
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mosbb said...

I hope Aunt Gladys gets to see this post. I remember the sort of dishes you showed...It ages me...