Saturday, December 1

The Big Sandy

we have a pile of really nice sand on the East side of the house
Lydia plays in it........
she built a river, a waterfall, pond, tunnel
sometimes I wish we lived by a river
but we have the ocean right?
so why am I wishing for a little water
when we already have quite enough
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Anonymous said...

thank you for the pictures. ;)

your Lydia is just as cute as a bug's ear, you do know that, don't you?

i remember going on vacation in the desert when i was a girl and playing for HOURS in the front yard-o-sand of the house we rented with nothing but a garden hose and a few Matchbox cars.

Pure Bliss!


Mrs.B said...

Good job Lydia! (o:

Chas said...

Hey there!
That's pretty funny..
Your title is The Big Sandy
We live on Sand Mountain
There is a golf course on the mtn called
Big Sandy! :)
Have a great day!