Monday, November 19

my choice

This is my choice of camping snacks. I didn't open the sunflower seeds, I will save them when I do my gardens. I LOVE Craisins Trail Mix. Every bite is different. They don't make my favorite cookie anymore, so I buy these. Not pictured is the Caribou granola type bars. I was totally unimpressed with them. I'm going to go call them right now.
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Chas said...

I LOVE Sun Chips, the French Onion kind... I haven't tried the cinnamon ones.. mmm... are they yummy?

Mobunny said...

I usually don't care for cinnamon, but the Sun Chip ones are really good. Not too sweet.

Anonymous said...

good to know about the Caribou bars, i almost bought some the other day. some flavor about coffee. guess i won't now.

Mama R.