Saturday, November 10

Happy Birthday Victoria

I was there the night she was born. Her mom didn't have too good of a time, but I did. I guess the onlooker always does. She is the 4th child.......she has three older brothers....(and one baby brother).....we were very happy to see a girl. Whenever I see her and Lydia isn't with me, she ALWAYS tells me to say HI to Lydia from her. She has beautiful dark brown hair that is soft........but it won't stay in a pony-tail! She likes to ride bikes and now she is the proud owner of two birds! (with no names, yet) Hope your birthday is nice!
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Hon Rosie said...

I don't exactly remember when she was born. I was a little bit to little! ;P But I'm glad a WHOLE bunch thats she's my friend!
I'm going to go see her pet bird in about ten minutes! Can't wait!

Chas said...

What a cutie patootie picture!
Pretty girls!
Happy Birthday!!
**Cameo says hi to Lydia too! :)
**I say hi to you Mrs. Mo! :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a beautiful sweetie she is. I hope she had the bestest birthday ever!