They were doing their little clappy songs. Actually, the quilt show doesn't have much use for kids. It seems as though they would WANT to encourage DAUGHTERS to come to their little get togethers. I say little. I guess it was an international thing. What better way to insure the selling of $12.00 a yard fabric in the future, but to snag little girls into the love of making quilts? I think it was a good thing for our daughters (4) to see fabric, embroidering, handwork, needles, love of crafts, handmade purses, old tablecloths, BEAUTIFUL quilts and be happily prompted to love things like this. Girls are to grow up to desire to be keepers at home, an undone quilt would do just that! Why would they want to work, when they could stay home, have kids, and sew purses?
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jennifer said…
Yep that is just the thought I have too!!

But you are right nothing seems to promote the skills of motherhood...well maybe the fair.
I agree with you! When i did work I was never truely happy. I just want to be at home feathering my little nest!
Does that mean that poor Lydia did not get to see the beautiful quilts? Poor thing, well it looks like she had fun with the Kelly Girls.
Mombunny said…
Lydia got to see the quilts, too. She was with me.......hmm, about 1/2 the time. (I saw maybe 10 kids in the whole place.)
Chas said…
True, true!
You would think so... I am glad you were smart enough to have Lydia come with you! :)

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