Wednesday, November 14

first there were only three

remember these neato little old cups? there were only three the first day I went in to the thrift store.......
then I went in again, and there was a was white. the whole set cost $2.00.
this is going to have to hold you all for a while........we're going camping..........I'm sure some of you know RIGHT where we live.......if you want to check our weather you will see that we, along with most of the country, are getting a cold blast..........just in time for us to go camping.............I will blog again soon........when I thaw out
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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip everyone!
How long will you be gone?
We will miss you, but look forward to hearing about all the fun you're going to have and to see a ton of pictures (a-hem, Miss Olivia).
Don't forget your woolen socks for those BRISK evenings it sounds like you will be having. ;)

Much Love, Robin

jennifer said...

Love the captions from your gang! Come on over and see the winners ...

Chas said...

Oh I hope you have a great time!!!
Take care and stay warm!!!

Peach said...

My Mom has a WHOLE SET of those dishes.. in the ORIGINAL box!!
Wow, what I wouldn't give for a set for my girls to play with, but I have my own that someone hand made for me :)

mosbb said...

Mo, you always amaze me, finding matches to things in the most unlikely places. Happy for you having a set of 4 now. The different color gives it character.

Mobunny said...

I think they're purty.