Saturday, November 3

Fat Squares

Fat Squares, now who in the world thought that up? I tell you this, they sure make their money on buy this tiny little piece of fabric for $2.50 and really think you're getting something. I guess the fabric piece is big enough to make a pocket.
I got this at the quilt show I went to on Thursday. It was sooooooooooooooooooooo fun to be there and see all the quilts in real life, the ones you usually just see in books and on the internet. I also bought some pink buttons. I never have pink buttons for projects. I got a quilt charm.......and since I don't have a bracelet, I put it on my Mount Vernon heart necklace. They make a pleasant little 'chink' when they hit each other.
The buttons were 5/$1.00. I would still be there looking at them. I just love buttons.........
The far left fat square is the one Kimberly picked out. The second is for a project I'd like to make for somebody. The third is just fun thimbles on purple. The fourth is kind of hard to see, but it's wispy birds. I love the snowflakes on the 5th. Wouldn't it be dreamy to have a jumper out of this? IF I sewed one, it would probably just melt down here.
Do any of YOU love fabric or collect buttons?
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so lucky! our little store here makes their own fat quarters and they sell them for next to nothing! And they make fabric strips 5 for a dollar too!

Anonymous said...

may i see the wispy birds better?
i like birds. ;)


mosbb said...

pink buttons, huh?
I just went to a yard sale (yes we still go when the snow is on the ground) and found a card of pink buttons. I picked them up, said to self, "Self, Mo would like to have these..." and threw them in my box of goodies to purchase. Soooooo, next time something comes your way.......
just plain pearly pink ones...

Mobunny said...

I can't believe it! Your oldest daughter got me my last pink buttons! I do NOT know why I am always out.

Chas said...

Me, me, me!!!!
I LOVE fabric, I love unusual buttons and this and that, rick rack and ribbon and all that jazz!
SO pretty!!! ALL of them!

Simone said...

I make tarot-deck bags. Fat squares normally yield about 4 bags, so at $1.29 for 100% cotton (at Hancock Fabrics, in the U. S.) they're extremely worth it. My only complaint is that Hancock doesn't sell them online. If the Hancock near me only has stupid fabrics available as squares, and I need more patterns, I'd have to go on eBay to get more. And hey -- if anyone knows a good source, a shout out would be great, I'll watch this thread (no pun intended)! :)