Saturday, November 24

cool bowls

yipeeeee and cowabunga!
I got all 5 of these today at my favorite thrift store!
These are my very favorite bowls next to silver ones........
I have never seen one in a store, only at yard sales and thrift store.
I don't know what they're called..........we call them afterbirth bowls.
That's what the midwife put Caleb and other stuff in right after he was born.
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Chas said...

Great bowls. I really like them!

Mobunny said...

I made dumplings in the green one!

Mobunny said...

oh duh
there are two green ones

mosbb said...

I do not have any of those kind of bowls! They are nice...I only have glass pyrex ones...and plastic mixing bowls. All my silver bowls are so big you would be able to put twins in them!

Mobunny said...

I have a twin size silver bowl.

silver bowls
silver bowls
they're big enough
for twi-ins

Pastor McEntire said...

How cruel would it be to put twins in big, cold, silver bowls?

Peach said...

Nice find!!
I would love to have a set of these bowls, too!! My SIL has one and I used it this week. :)

Rachael Ray calls hers the "garbage" bowl bc she puts her food scraps in it while she's cooking.

Anonymous said...

the midwife put CALEB in a bowl??? 8-O

we had afterbirth bowls too, for the "other stuff," but dh always makes me throw them away lol.

they weren't as nice as yours, though. ;)


p.s. hmmm...what's all this stuff about Sara having double blessings again?! :D

Mobunny said...

The DR. thought Sara was having a girl, but it's really a boy.
Luke instead of Amelia.
and there's just one.