Thursday, November 22

Where are you sitting today?

This is Jame's chair. It is almost as neat as mine.

It gave me a thought this morning. Everybody knows what today is. Thanksgiving. It seems sometimes, that it doesn't do much for us. It might even give us more to whine about. Mainly about where we are going to SIT on Thanksgiving Day.

if we have to go somewhere in the car, we complain that we never get to stay home
if we stay home, we never get to go anywhere fun
if we have to bake all the pies, we are abused
if we don't get to bring any pies, nobody likes my baking
if we have to do the turkey, we wonder why we have to do the hardest thing
if we don't get to do the turkey, we wonder what we are going to do with the 23 pound bird taking up so much room in the freezer
if we don't get invited somewhere, we pout all day
if we get invited somewhere, we wonder why people can't just leave us alone for ONE holiday
if we have to get up early to do the rolls, we wonder why we can't just sleep in ONE morning
if we use store bought rolls, everyone wonders why we can't ever have anything nice
if we use paper plates, we don't love our family
if we use real plates, we don't think about the one doing the dishes
if nobody invites us to their Thanksgiving party, we wonder what we are going to do with our own family
if family is close, we don't want to spend the holiday with them, they're all a pain
if our family is far away, we wish we could be with family
if we see others with their family, it makes us feel bad
if we have to spend it with our family, it makes us feel bad

WE MUST think of where we could be. Where we COULD be sitting.
No family, no friends, no money, in jail, down and out and unsaved, living in a motel room, having lunch with 700 other homeless people at the Salvation Army................are you happy with where you will be sitting today? If not, why not? Why not try to find some good in it? Why not be happy and see if you can be a blessing to others instead of thinking of yourself.

I am not above thinking these things and complaining. This is for me, too. I'm thinking outloud. Some of the examples I have been guilty of. Some are from others. Those are the best! :)

As a rule
a man's a fool
when it's hot
he wants it cool
when it's cool
he wants it hot
always wanting
what it's not.

That is not good for us on a day like today.
(and by the way, I'd LOVE to be with my mom and dad in Kansas, but I'm o.k. with what we're doing, too!)
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Gem said...

Thank you MB, I so needed to read this. Having quite the pity party this morning, dh called to say he's working a double and won't be home til 7 (was expecting him at noon). I need to sit down and make a Thankful list because the other stuff keeps crowding my mind!!!

jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

I am actually right where I am thankful to be!

This year I am thankful to have such a funny sweet family partake in my silly caption contests.

Enjoy the day
Bill and Jen
Bill Ruben Trey and Caliana~the penofjen/quill of bill gang

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Amen! Very, very true words!

Peach said...

I am very thankful for where I am today and what we are doing!!
but, I enjoyed this post.. I still have trouble focusing on the things I do have, sometimes..

Chas said...

We had a tough day today...
Abram was home sick, so Shannon and he stayed home... but the other children and I went to my Mom's... My little brother was in MO and was sent to the hospital for an appendicitis... I got poked in the eye and tore my contact and tore my eye... but I am VERY, VERY thankful for my day nonetheless!!!!!!!!
Great post!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Mo and family!

Anita said...

I am thankful for where I am. No complaints here. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Have a wonderful day.

Mobunny said...

got a bunch of happy campers here!