Friday, October 12

why why why?

October is a tiring month.
The left temp is INSIDE .........WITH the ac on.
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Chas said...

Oh yuck!
We finally have had some cool weather blow through.. it is so nice.
I hope it blows your way soon!!!!

mosbb said...

MO, when the temp outside is cooler, you open the windows and put a fan in the windows BLOWING pushes the hot out, and pulls the cool IN from other open windows.
If this doesn't work, get another window open, and put another fan in.
OH FORGET IT. just ask heather...I taught her how to do it. :o)

Mombunny said...

Kim, I can't answer your post because I am in the first few minutes of NOT COMPLAINING.

mosbb said...

good for you, mobunny. you just keep up that good attitutde.