Saturday, October 6


which is the most sweet?
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hon rosie said...

Hmmmmm..... I would say, hmmmm......Probably the baby! The cake might be good, (I don't know!!)but a cake ain't cute, and the cake can't smile!!! ;)

mosbb said...

You call this a contest to be voted on? Baby, hands down!

Chas said...

Oh there is NO QUESTION!!!!
That precious baby! :)

Amy/buttons said...

The baby for sure!!!!

The rest of this comment is for Lydia:

How come you call your self hon rosie if your name is Lydia?
Thanks for the comment!
Did you find any more of those videos?

Peach said...

Uhm... ???

That's just plain not fair!
The baby wins, hands down.

Mombunny said...

of course the baby wins........

the dessert was just a ploy for comments.......

she IS a sweet little thing

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Well of course the baby is! Silly girl! Baby smiles and laughs are so much better than cake any day!

The McFarlane Family said...

Can I hold the baby while I eat the dessert?

The baby is DEFINITELY sweetest though!

Anonymous said...

what kind of desert is it?
just kidding.
the baby, definitely.

-> Emma, mamllama's dd