Monday, October 29

My latest find...........

Aren't these the cutest little things? One for cream, one for sugar and one for tea or coffee! The book they are on is titled: The Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes
I hope nobody ever writes a book about me................
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Amy/buttons said...

Hi Lydia!!!

Well, we don't have a TV so I haven't watched them!!!:-)

I am sorry this is so short!! I might be back later.

Tell you mom that I like the cups!

Chas said...

How pretty!
Are they like that milk glass, they look like it a bit!
Great find! :D

jennifer said...

I love the cups...they look old like depression style!!

BTW I read a blog in Australia, and a few months ago she had an napkin swap. Now she is having an apron swap.
It is where you make an apron and someone else from anywhere in the world makes you one. Then you swap them!

Seeing the sewing skills that you and your daughters have, I just thought of you.

HERE is the link

Mo said...

They look like the same glass as the old coffee cups my dad used to drink from. There were green ones and white ones. Very plain. But neat....NOW.

Mo said...

Jennifer, I went to that site. I am saving it to REALLY look at later. I just love aprons. I would like to be a part of the swap, but I'd probably hold it back, so I'll just browse!