Friday, October 5

My latest deal...............

I hardly ever go to e-bay, but I did the other day to look at 'vintage' kitchen canisters. I LOVE the silver ones with the copper lids..........and lots of others. I didn't know they actually made canisters out of CHROME! After looking at them on e-bay, I informed my family that I was going to go to my favorite thrift store and buy a set. I didn't get any the actual day of my announcement, but soon after that I did!
These 4 came to $3.75. They were not sitting together so I didn't think when I picked up the 'sugar' that I was going to get the whole set. It was like looking for Easter Eggs..........only you usually don't have to PAY when you find the eggs. This isn't exactly the color I was looking for, but it will do for my new kitchen. Actually, a robin egg blue would have been perfect............
I was wondering the other day.......what IS it that attracts us to old things? Why do we just like to have things like this in our home? Old doilies are better than new ones, same with quilts and rocking chairs. Do these things make us think back to our Granny and Grandma cooking? doing embroidery? sitting at the sewing machine making another quilt? rocking in an old chair? I don't know, but I DO like old things better than new. It is a challenge to find things I collect........but IF you want to take me to Dillard's, I won't say no.
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buttons said...

Hi. This comment is for Lydia.
Thanks for your comment! I got that video at
They haven't posted many of those so you might just have to watch something else!

Chas said...

Hi there Mrs. Mo!
I know EXACTLY what you mean about the LOVE of the old things!
I think it may be because of the history (whether we know it's history or not), we know it HAS history. We see character and beauty of the past and know that it has been used and sometimes loved by others. I know I would almost pick something old over something new just about EVERY day! :)
But I would like a bosch... that kinda defeats the whole purpose, eh? :D

Peach said...

I love old stuff, too... but, you won't be twisting my arm off if you want to take me mall shopping. :)
You're so funny!
Hey, I put some farm photos on my blog. I thought they might be of interest to you?

Anonymous said...

ew, I can imagine perfectly what those cannisters feel like, and the icky feeling that goes through my bones when the edge of the lid rubs against the edge of the cannister. (shudder)

you can have 'em. ;P

i like OTHER old things, though.
birds' nests
aqua-colored canning jars

Anonymous said...

oops! i forgot to put my name (blush).


MO-COLLECT said...

they 'feel' beautiful...........