Wednesday, October 24

Mo-Monday #3

Pretty leaves I found after I trimmed my rose bushes.
Picking fruit...........for guacamole.
I did Lydia's school.
Right before bed, the girls and I watched the Beatrix Potter movie. I had read her biography and had forgotten most of it evidently because I was not prepared for what happened. I can recommend this movie.
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Daddy's sweetie pie forever said...

WOW! I wish my mom would do my school for me ;o)
Krista Humphrey

Hon Rosie said...

Oh, It really nice how she does my school for me! I have a LOT of free time then!! ;) lol
Actually, she gets my school ready for the next two weeks or so... So she doesn't exactly do it... But in a another way she does!

joy said...

silly me! when i first saw you picking your avocados, i said to myself...

"wow, she has a guacamole tree."