Wednesday, October 24

Good Morning Everyone That Reads My Blog In the Morning

Put your apron on and get at it.
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jennifer said...

Yep, you are right, I need to get going. Thanks for always having the neat photos!


I have been at it for quiet a while now if I just had an apron, I could obey love you, Grandma

mosbb said...


Stinker...made me get busy!

Peach said...

Oh, you're just mean.
I enjoy sitting around before noon in my jammies. :)

Amy/Buttons said...

Hi! This comment is for lydia.

Sorry I haven't been over in a whilE!! I kept running out of time before I stopped by! I just saw your dress! it is SOOO cute!! I don't remember what all your comments were about:-(( Well, I started another blog!!! This one is for all my stories. If you want to read them, go here:

Anonymous said...

i love that apron...except for the armholes.
i'm pretty sure my arms aren't that big ;)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Good thing I don't read it in the mornings then! LOL! I am bad and didn't do my chores until this afternoon! Shame on me!

Chas said...

I really like that apron!!!!
Did you make it?
I would like to have one like it! :)
I love full coverage aprons! :)

Mrs. Mo said...

I didn't make the apron, it is very old and threadbare. I don't know where I got it either. I have tried to make one like it, you know, the ones with the neck that is just right and lays flat. Well, it never works for me. I like them too. I will just have to stick with my easy pattern.