Saturday, October 6

for Mrs. B

Here is our old bathroom and our oldest daughter. She is now almost 25! Somebody blotchy painted the cabinets which made them unattractive..........we had a water leak and it ruined some of the lower we just totally remodeled. Now that I look at it, I wish we would have just kept it old fashioned and just repaired the cabinets. Oh well. At least it is all in purple, now.
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Mrs.B said...

That is too funny! The two bathrooms look very similar! (o:

I wouldn't have minded leaving everything blue either because I like the old fashioned tile. Well, except for the cabinet and faux marble laminate countertop.--Those would have had to go! Unfortunately for resale people want 'new' bathrooms and we know that we won't be staying in this house forever.

Thanks for posting the picture!


Chas said...

Groovy! ;)