Saturday, October 13

Don't Do It!!!

Just for ONE day do not complain about anything. Don't murmur. Don't whine or honk about anything. Don't let a complaining word escape your lips. Don't say things like I wish I had a.......if only.........if we were only..........well if.........
Don't say anything negative about your situation or circumstances. So what if you don't get kitchen canisters that go perfectly with your new paint?
Don't report all of your aches and pains. Don't tell anybody about your stopped up nose or stubbed toe. Or your flat tire or your weeds.
If your eggs were cold, keep it to yourself. If your shoes are tight, smile anyway.
If you have a cold be thankful you don't have the flu.
If your kids are too loud, be thankful you have kids. If your van won't start, be thankful you HAVE a van. If you didn't get what you wanted for lunch, think about what MOST of the world had for lunch.
I am amazed at is just ***amazing*** how much I complain, how negative I am and how much I find to whine about.
You'd think I was in a third world country, blind, poor as a church mouse, no father...mother....sister.......friends.......VAN or anything.
What about YOU?
Do you find yourself talking about your medicines and expensive car parts more than you do the breeze and the grapes you got on sale?
What a complaing lot we are.
I hear it and I take part in it.
We would all be much happier if we didn't FIRST think of all the negative things THEN voice them.
Can't we find something better to do than whine, murmur, complain, pout, frown and just be pitiful?
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Amen! I try really hard not to complain! i am just so thankful for each new day! Thanks for this gentle reminder!

Chas said...

Thanks for this!!!

momomof3 said...

Hey Michelle
I agree totally we all do entirely to much complaining. I am going to try not to complain also.... I will let you know how it turns out.. Love ya

mosbb said...

welllllll??? how did it go?
I talked to heather and told her about your post...said, If your toe hurts, be glad you have a toe.
Apparently that was the EXACT comment to make, because she had accidentally kicked the back of Caleb's boot, and broke her toenail BADLY. owwwww

Amy/Buttons said...

This is for Lydia.

Wow!! You have read alot of those books! I have read:

Misty of Chincotiuge (is that how you spell it? I have that book so I could just go look:-))
Stomy Misty's Foal, King of the Wind, and I am reading Misty's Twilight. I think I read Justin Morgan had a Horse, but I am not sure. I have read Brighty of the Grand Canyon too. I own Misty of Chincotigue, Stormy Misty's Foal, King of the wind, and Brighty of the grand canyon.
This comment is long too! I like long comments. Who doesn't?
I don't know when I found out about everyday news, but it has been a while! Have you ever clicked ont eh link that says "View the Complete Colection"? There are so many there!
Well, I have to go. Thanks for comming by my blog! And, one more thing.:-) How did you find my blog? You might of told me beofre, but I forgot!

P.S. I know I said that I had to go, but I have one more thing to say. Would you please think of getting a blog on homesteadblogger just so we could comment back and forth instead of me having to use your mom's blog?

P.S.S. Now this is what you call a LOOOONG commetn!!

Peach said...

You, my friend, have been reading Elisabeth Elliot. :)
My mom and I... we're working on 14 days.
Funny how you find MORE things to complain about when you're trying to not to at all. yikes!

Michele in Texas said...

Maybe I need to read some E.E.!
AND Romans 7:15-25..........

Yep, the harder you try to stop something, the harder it gets.

It's funny how we don't have inhibitions about complaining and whining and it's HARD to share a blessing sometimes.........

Cathe said...

I gave it up for Lent last year. I know that's kind of weird, but it was a good time to focus on it. :) I am not sure I succeeded well, but it's important to work on!

jennifer said...

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