Monday, October 15


I can't say I did as well as I should have yesterday.
I complained too much because of my hayfeverish condition.
I may have also stated (again) how much I dislike October.


Chas said...

Mrs. Mobunny.... what is there not to like about October???
It is the time of the year when it starts to get a bit cooler, you start pulling out your sweaters, hayrides, mulled cider, pumpkins, apple picking time which leads to apple pies and apple butter and apple fritters, the leaves start falling, craft festivals, have I changed your mind any about October yet??? :D

Mobunny said...

No, you only made it worse.

The only pumpkins around here are in boxes, on pallets, in front of Kroger stores.

There isn't an apple tree for miles.....our sweaters are mildewed and the leaves are hanging tight!

If anybody in Texas does hayrides, I don't know about it.

It's the 20 years I lived in Kansas that makes it hard down here in October. I always live through it though. I look ahead to the beautiful January days we have in the 60's and know that 75% of Americans are thumbing through seed catalogs......and I'm pulling weeds around my blooming nasturtiums! (was that sentence too long?)

Chas said...

Well, rats... I thought I was going to help...
I am sorry.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love October!!!! What isn't there to love! Fall, fall, fall for me the only way to be! LOl! Okay that wasn't good but it was fun. Huggles sweetie!

Amy/Buttons said...

This is for Lydia--

In the contest, I won a book. You can go to
You will have to scroll down a little bit.

The weather here right now, is nice and cool, not humid, and not windy. Just perfect!!! Usally in the winter, it is cold and windy, and int he summer, each day is about 113 all summer long!

Those dogs are huge!!! Thanks for sendingg me the sight!

You said that you had gone to everyday news--Have you ever been to They are so neat!

Right now, I am reading Misty's Twilight. I really like it. Do you like King of the wind alot? I loved it!

I think that we are trying to see how long we can get our comments!!! :-)

Well, goodbye!

Peach said...

Ok, is it cheating if you find a different way to say something?
Instead of saying "ugh... I'm soooo tired" you could say "I certainly could have used more sleep last night."

Hmm?? I'm thinking it's the same.
"aw bummer! we're out of eggs!" instead, you could say "woohoo, we have some dried eggs in a pouch I can finally start getting rid of" LOL
Yeah, it actually happened, both of those.
I'm not doing so well, either, but... uhm, Rome wasn't built in a day?

Amy/Buttons said...

This comment is fro lydia.

Hi!! I just typed you along comment, and then I delelted it!!! Oh well.

Do you like to write??????? I do.

Sorry that this wasn't long, it would of been, but I am running out of time to write another long one, and so you will have to wait for tommorw.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Peach, I think it is cheating to complain in a different this:
oh! look, we're out of good coffee.

huh? no more dr. pepper?
I'll just have to do without tonight

would you look at that, gas is 3.19 again!!

wow-wee, there sure is lots of laundry and dishes for me to do today...........

Peach said...

Thank the Lord for the source of irritation. :D