Wednesday, October 24

#1 of Mo-Monday

I hung out some clothes in the glorious breeze.
I repotted the 'mums' somebody gave me. I've never had any. I hope I don't kill them from neglect or fussing over them.
I dusted my bedside dresser. I put my smoochy rabbits and my violet coffee cup here so I could look at them.
I also fixed the shelf up in our bathroom. It is a neat old thing!
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like that old shelf! Of course older stuff has always been my favorites!

Chas said...

Hey there! You are being a busy bee too!!!
Nice work!

Amy/Buttons said...

This is for Lydia

Hi! Do you sshare a room with someone? I share a room with my older sister. Do you like ot draw? I posted a picture of a ship that I drew.
Come see it, and leave a comment!! Did you see my post about my story blog yet? If not you can see it here:

Amy/buttons said...

Hi Lydia!!!

Thanks for the comments on my story blog! I should be posting there again soon. if you want me to, I will tell you when I post.

Have you ever been to my homeschoolblogger blog? You can see it

If you go there, please tell me what you think of my template!!! I just put it there!

I just posted my show and tell, so come and see it!!!

Amy/buttons/for Lydia said...

I just posted another story on my story blog. I know this is short.:-)

amy/buttons said...

This is for lydia.

Yes, there was supposed to be a picture, but it wouldn't let me post anything in my entry so I just left if alone. I just posted the picture so head over again!!!

I am going to make a template for my writing blog so good bye for now!!!