Wednesday, September 12


I have an old fashioned cold.
There is a tropical storm coming in tonight.
There is a wasp nest in a tree in front of our house bigger than a soft-ball.
But I'll get better, the storm will pass and I'll have Daniel take care of the wasp nest.
So see, it isn't so bad.
Whew, I feel better already.
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Gem said...

If you're really blessed, the storm will knock the wasp nest down and drown them.


Michele, I missed you tonight. I am sorry you are feeling bad and hope it is better for you you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Pla-Doh pancakes? :D

I'm so sorry you're feeling under the stormy weather.



Chas said...

Oh Mrs. Mo! I do hope you feel better! Lydia posted on Cameo's blog and said that you had a Tropical Storm coming, I know you guys have had A LOT of raining! Maybe it won't be too bad.
Love to you!

Mrs.B said...

Uughh!! I hope you feel better soon.


hon rosie said...

Daniel has shot down the wasp nest, so that took care of, and now its sunny! YAY!

Mo said...

I still feel like 8 miles of bad road.

Pastor McEntire said...

you look like 100 miles of good road! ;-)

Mobunny said...

gem, GREAT thought!

I am feeling better today, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I bet you're feeling better 'cause of the sweet things your dear husband said about you. ;)


mosbb said...

"Pastor McEntire said...
you look like 100 miles of good road! ;-)"

James, you are so sweet...

Peach said...

Pastor Mac,
You are a funny man. LOL!

Where is the play-doh syrup for the play-doh panacakes?