Wednesday, September 26

My gardens..........

Sorry, but I love old sinks. The little blue sink you see is out of my dad's little camping trailer.......he was fixing it up when we were there and didn't need the sink, so he pulled it out just like a dentist....for ME! The white sink in the forefront of the picture is full of doo-dads. Copper things, shamrock plants, old ceramic flowers, antique stuff in general.
This sink was from a house that was being torn down. I gave the men a plate full of dessert for it. It isn't the heavy unliftable kind, but I sure do like it. I also like old pans.....especially yellow ones. This garden is waiting for cilantro to grow.........and for radishes in the early Spring.
More surprise flowers! I planted them everywhere, I guess.
This little spot brings back good memories of the days when Daniel and I used to do gardens with each other. He doesn't help me so much now that he has real jobs.....I love this little spot in my back yard.
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Anonymous said...

You have a Mobunny-sized chair and a baby-bunny-sized chair...awww. :D


Chas said...

That is such a sweet spot!!!!!