Wednesday, September 19

It's Wednesday and It's Raining Again

I pick weeds and do my gardens on Wednesdays.
It rains on Wednesdays.
You ought to pick weeds in a TEXAS size sauna, have red ants bite your toes through the holes in your store brand croc's........and try to forget that every time you pull grass up by the root, that it has already gone to seed and you shake it around and plant MORE.

This has nothing to do with gardens and ants............

Isn't it funny how we cut ourselves slack ALL day, but when somebody takes an inch, we say they took a mile?


Amy Johnson--buttons said...

Hi! This is for your daughter Lydia becasue I have no other way to reach her!
Hi Lydia,
Does your mom's flute case have a handle? If it doesn't I think it is the same as my old one! I will have to post pictures of my old one so you can tell me they are the same.
How did you find my blog?
I hope that I get a comment from you soon!
P.S. You should get a blog, even if it was just so I could post comments back!

A Note From Theresa said...

Michele is thinking deep again.