Thursday, September 27

For Chas

Group your flowers, buy some seeds from the dollar store and chunk them in the garden. Buy some iron conversation pieces.
Don't put very many things in a line. Just place them in the garden and plant marigolds. They usually always work.
This garden is being removed from the scene as soon as I can get to it. This was about 4 years ago when we were 'making' a garden. Use all different kinds of brick, pottery, sinks, pots, planters...........plant cilantro, cosmos and marigolds.
Add some rocks you got on vacation, a duck and a chicken.
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Chas said...

I LOVE the top picture... I said... Shannon can I have that top picture? He said maybe one of these days! :)
Yeah, maybe one of these days!!! :)
Now, how to start????
What to do first...
Aren't I needy???

Mobunny said...

We live in a jungle atmosphere...that probably helps..........