Thursday, September 6

A few of my favorite things.........

I love these birds. I know it is boring to like the color gray, but I do. Gray makes me think of lawn furniture and porch swings.........and my hair?
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jennifer said...

I like the 'my hair' comment!

I love gray because it is full of possibilities. It is dull so others around it seem so bright, it is bland so that the flavor can be awesome, and it is the top of my head!!

Anonymous said...

gray is granite countertops,
gray is the sky on a fireplace-and-hot-chocolate day,
gray is soft, snuggly kittens,


mosbb said...

You just HAD to bring up the hair thing....great. I keep thinking "maybe it isn't that noticeable", but I sorta doubt it.

Suzie probably really loves this pic...she is a bird fanatic...have you looked at Krista's blog...she has a video of "camp robbers" eating out of their hands.

Peach said...

nice picture!! pretty birdies