Tuesday, September 4

Farm Dress

I made a farm dress and apron for myself,,,,but I'm short a farm. ........a farm WAY out far away from town is the only place I would wear it.........it doesn't fit very well, but what would chickens, cows and ducks care and think anyway?
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Chas said...

I like it Mrs. Mo!! I think it is kinda cute! :) I would love to have 5 house dresses, ones I could work in, and cook in and run to the grocery store in... One of these days!

Happymama said...

I think they'd like it!


Marcella said...

I think its cute, and totally right for you Mrs. Mo! Wanna borrow my farm?

Mrs. Mo said...

OH YES! I would love to borrow your farm!!!! It doesn't even have to be a big farm!
Don't feed your chickens, I will do it when I get there!!!