Thursday, August 9

skirts for Olivia's blog

1 skirt, 4 arms.
Kim and I shopping........this would happen to be one of the easiest things to do in a skirt........not much of a challenge.
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Peach said...

I really like that pink skirt.
You can send that to me along with O's Wyoming skirt. :)

Michele in Texas said...

I made that pink skirt. I am looking for more fabric to make another one. It has to be the w---i---d---e stuff or it won't work with the neato pattern I have.

Happymama said...

Are you sure a skirt is appropriate for grocery shopping? I mean, what if you have to bend over to get something from the bottom shelf?

OK, that's not really me talking...that's something that was actually said to me. LOL


Mo. said...

or, or, or, if you had to get in and out of the van ........
or what if while you were getting groceries you had to paint the ceiling in the store and had to climb up a ladder.....or there were horse rides in the front of the store and they forced you to ride a horse....

Peach said...

What if you had a bike accident?
Would it be appropriate to wear, then?
What if you wanted to do a cartwheel?
Are you allowed to do cartwheels in a skirt?

Mrs. Mo said...

We don't actually allow bike wrecks. I guess they're o.k. in certain situations.
We are totally against cartwheels. Cartwheels are not needed to have a happy, happy day. Walking into Buc-ees for a brownie is more modest.