Monday, August 20

"Silver Bowls"

These are my favorite mixing bowls. I love to put things in them, put tin foil on top of them, and put them in the fridge! Especially black olives. I find them at sales, thrift stores, real stores...........and I'm still looking. The larger one in the middle is one of the few I have bought brand new. The HUGE one on the left is the bowl we used to fill way up with German Town cookies when I used to be Mo-Cookie.

silver bowls
silver bowls
it's cooking time
in the kitchen
hear them ping
hear them ping
soon it will be
time to eat
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Mrs.B said...

That is a very nice collection of silver bowls! They're so pretty and shiny. (o:

And of course now thanks to you I can't say the word 'silver bowls' without the tune to 'silver bells' going through my head!--Thanks a lot!! (o; he he he


Chas said...

I too have an affinity for bowls... :)
I love your collection!

mosbb said...

Silver bowls
Silver bowls
It's mixing time at Mobunny's
Ting a ling
Hear her fling
It's Kimmie's birthday

hon rosie said...

WOW! Lots and LOTS of "Silver Bowels"!

SimpleMommy said...

It was a nice surprize to see someone else with an affinity for metal mixing bowls! I've got my own little collection, too.


Happymama said...

You have quite the collection there! Very nice.