Monday, August 13


which one should Iwear with this dress???????????

on the left are TRAPS
on the right.......real Croc's
they're both equally comfy

i don't even want to wear any other shoes
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Chas said...

Hmmm... maybe the blue, since the blue matches the color in the bottom of your skirt. But I really like the brown ones. :) I am not much help! :)

Anonymous said...

i dunno, but i'd like to see the rest of your dress!


jennifer said...

I like the one on the right(in the photo) But like the other comment I would love to see the rest of the dress!

Chas said...

Now that I see the rest of the dress go with the brown...

Peach said...

Muahahahahahaha!!!! You've been corrupted. :D

Enjoy your crocs. I like the brown ones. :)

Happymama said...

They both go, but I'd say brown.