Saturday, August 25


Olivia and the 4 Chairs..........yes, we went to the ocean again. As you can see, nobody was around us. It was because of all the seaweed. It didn't smell very good. But once you were there for a while, you got used to it.
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Peach said...

I feel like I've been there... or heard there. :)

Mamalama said...

How nice that you had the seashore all to yourselves. Did you go around stomping on the seaweed until the pods popped? Love the hat, O!

Mama Robin

jennifer said...

What amazing views! I am reminded of a book titled Sarah Plain and Tall when I look at the photos.

(Go Longhorns)

Mrs. Fully Persuaded Baptist said...

that was IT peach!

we avoided the seaweed, Robbin

Jennifer, (those aren't MY chairs)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I totally did NOT get the "Goldilocks" connection until I had seen this post several times! @@
You all are sooo clever. :D

I hear the seaweed was stinky.
Good thing you avoided it. ;)


hon rosie said...

Oh really? I never knew it stank.....NOT! Yuck yuck yuck! Stinky! But its worth it I guess!

Chas said...

Ha ha... Goldilocks... here I was thinking to begin with that it was about her pretty curly hair! ;)
Ha ha...

OCM said...

see mom? *someone* likes my hat.