Wednesday, August 15

Dolls From Russia

Lydia watches our neighbor's dogs once in a while........this time the neighbor
went to Russia! This is what she brought Lydia. There are 10 dolls here, believe
it or not.
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hon rosie said...

The smallest one is soooo tiny! I enjoy it very much tho.

momomof3 said...

I have seen a set of dolls like this before. But they were out of Mexico. It is neat the way they stack inside of each other. It is fun just taking them out, and putting them back in. Enjoy them Lydia.


Mrs.B said...

So pretty!!! What a treasure. (o:

Chas said...

How wonderful!! What a treasure!!! :)Please tell Lydia that Cameo is writing her today!!! Sorry she has been so lax.
Have a great day!

Happymama said...

What a wonderful gift. Bruce sent our mother's each one for Mother's Day when we were in Germany. Lydia's are so beautiful!!