Friday, August 24

Character Building Books

These are the books we have gotten over the years of home-schooling.
Lessons From the Clock.....Careless or Tidy? Doing My Best My Lips
God Gives Us Work........Father Has Work Mother Has Work
Always Behave alaphabet book on 'behaving' (never forget neatness)
My Thank You Book......What do you say When your father takes time to repair your poor Broken trike....... (this is a poem book)
Happy Helpers..........playing, setting the table, cleaning up supper
God's Happy Family....make beds, help with sisters, help in garden....puts working and helping in a good light!
Helping Mother.........singing while gathering toys.......this is a book that your child could color

Those books are all Rod and Staff and are under $3.00

Being a Boy / Being a Girl from Pearables
boys are strong, they are supposed to work.......also tells what a woman's place is

Polite books are from Plain Path Publishers/ all scripture is KJV/ Gary Maldaner / each chapter is one page long....very easy to read and think on
here are some chapter titles in the 4 books:
Do it with thy might
It is required in stewards
Always be thankful
Be on time
Use your time wisely
Never interrupt
Learn to sit still
Learn to follow
Learn to control your emotions
Ask, don't inform
The phone visit

I would highly recommend these also:
Tiger and Tom and other stories for boys
Southern Publishing Association

Ideals and Moral Lessons
Boys and Girls' Fireside Series Gospel Trumpet Company

Choice Stories for Children

Stories for Every Season
Verna M. Martin
Christian Light Publication

7 books from Pathway Publishers are VERY good
the books are full of stories that teach all kinds of 'good' things........

Sure, these books don't grow on trees and you probably won't find them at your local library.......but they are the best of our best when it comes to good things for the kids to read. Some are filled with scripture, some just have principles.
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Mrs.B said...

Mrs. Mobunny,

Is it weird that as an adult, all of those books look very appealing to me and I would love to read them?! I just love good children's books.--Maybe it's because I'm a simple person but I can glean much from them.--I guess, because the concepts are so simple.(o:

Are you familiar with Keepers of the Faith books? They have some wonderful books that have become my favorites.

Because of Christ,

Julie said...

What a great list. Thanks for sharing. Im jotting them down for Christmas ideas as well.
We are actually in the process of going through our children's books and weeding out the "fluff". Even though I have pretty high standards for the books that come into this house Im amazed at what is on thier bookshelf.
Im excited to start building a better library for them and for our future grandchildren.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Mrs. B, they appeal to me VERY much. Maybe because most of it is unvarnished truth.
Come and Dine.....Do not complain, express your dislike, or make faces at the food.
Can I Help?......Many young people act like parasites-always ready and willing to be fed, taken places, clothed, spoken to, and otherwise pleased in some way.
(could this apply to an adult?)

Learn to be neat and orderly.....keep your papers neat and clean and your books orderly.

Now here's a good one!
While Mother puts the food away; We both sing happily.

Ideals and Moral Lessons....You Will Never Be Sorry .....for thinking the best possible of the doings of others. For forgiving those who have wronged you.

Rules for talking....restrain the tongue when the heart is agitated.

These are just great books!

I have seen some Keepers of the Faith books.....I don't think we own any. Maybe I need to check them out closer. I still have young girls at home.

I don't like 'fluff' either,,,,,it is well worth it to keep a close eye on reading material!