Thursday, August 16


I bought this plain red table-cloth at a thrift store that was selling linens for a dollar a bag. I wrote 'campwhatamess' on it for Lydia to embroider. She right now can tie a knot at the end of the thread, thread the needle and adjust the hoop. She just does the plain running stitch....which is fine for right now.......

I am going to fill the table-cloth up with objects and words about camping!
I have been lax about having projects for my girls.
We have the KJV Bible on tape and a new time's tables tape to listen to..........a perfect way to spend a day, because we can't go outside, because it is raining cats and dogs, because we're on the rainy end of Tropical Storm Aaron.
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jennifer said...

Very nice. I think that is a great way to memorialize an event and I need to have my daughter try a project like so.

I think that your Lydia, is the one who entered my caption contest, and she is one of the winners! Feel free to stop by,

Chas said...

Great idea! I feel the same way... Cameo I want you to learn how to do this and this and this and we end up spending more time not doing that, that and that! UGH... Have a great day sewing!

A Note From Theresa said...

Michele, it's Erin.

(Just a little bit of sisterly teasing, with love :)

We are feeling better, I hope you all don't get sick.

Happymama said...

The tablecloth sounds like a great idea. And a dollar a bag?? JACKPOT!! :)

Tell Lydia I love her top. It's bright and cheery. Something to brighten up those rainy days.


Mrs. Mo said...

Yes, our thrift store every once in a while has linens for a dollar a bag and is it ever fun!
I find all kinds of neat things....sometimes very old table cloths and cloth napkins.
And lots of times, plain things on which we embroider!

(theresa, I saw that it was Erin after I blogged.........) Now its DEAN.

Mrs.B said...

Mrs. Mobunny,

I wasn't sure if you'd see my response to your question about the Classic Batter Bowls so I thought I'd post it on your blog as well. (o:


I, too, have some stainless steel bowls that I love.--They belonged to my grandmother and I loved her dearly. (o:

The reason I still love the Classic Batter Bowl is because there are some things that shouldn't be made in metal (like lemonade) and I also like that the glass ones have lids. And although I have and use plastic I'm not a big fan of it because I believe it emits things into food.

But if you've gotten through life so far without glass batter bowls then you'd probably be just fine without them! (o;

Oh! and I was wondering how come you don't sign in when you leave comments? You have a lovely blog but many ladies can find it because they can't click on your name and visit your blog. (o;