Thursday, August 2

3 aprons

this would be a tale of three aprons
but nothing rhymes with aprons

these are on their way to a birthday party............
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Chas said...

Hey Mrs. Mo! Did those aprons come from the purple apron pattern??? They look quite similar! ;) Just wondering, they are really sweet!
I am sure whomever gets them will be especially pleased! :)

Happymama said...

Well, I tried. I looked up "apron" at the rhyme dictionary and didn't really find anything. were right.

Pretty aprons though. And they look pretty hanging from the line.


Mrs. SewBunny said...

Chas, I just made a plain old waisted apron then added a square. The purple apron you are talking about has strange shape pieces. I haven't tried it yet!
Kristi, nothing rhymes with orange or purple either! Guess I need to add apron to the list of words to NOT use in a poem.

Peach said...

apron shmaprons kaprons saprons saffron
saffron rhymes with aprons :)