Wednesday, July 25


This is a dog. This is not a cat. I came out of the camping trailer one evening and an old man was standing in the camping spot next to us. He mumbled something about somebody liking to climb trees........I said......oh, your grandson likes to climb trees? No, his dog likes to climb trees. You can't tell how high this tree is, but the dog crawled far enough up in it where you couldn't reach him. Ain't that crazy? The dog was a cast-off, this old man took him and made him his beloved pet. He came back by and I called Lydia so she could see it. Her eyes about bugged out of her head when that dog scrabbled up the tree! But, whaddya camera batteries were dead. This is one Olivia took.
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Happymama said...

I never know if you're serious or not. But if this is true, it's hilarious. A tree-climbin' dog. Now, that's funny.


Michele said...

It WAS a real dog. I'm not kidding. It was some kind of a terrier and he ran right up the tree. IF, and I do mean camera had been working I would have taken a video.