Olivia after her bike wreck.........

Olivia and Daniel went for a ride up to headquarters. On their way back, Olivia saw a truck pulling a trailer and she wanted to be sure to not be in their way...so she put her attention to that instead of the ditch she soon found herself in. The wife in the truck saw Olivia and Daniel and they slowed down, which meant Olivia wondered where the truck and trailer went......which caused even more distraction (while going down a steep hill). Well, she went off the road, into a culvert, flipped and landed on the road. The man in the truck was a fireman from Brenham........he got out and of course helped Olivia as much as he could. He sent Daniel running to headquarters to call 911. A park host came to tell us that our daughter was hurt from a bike accident so we rushed to the spot where they were. Olivia's face was covered in blood but she was talking and could answer questions. An ambulance got there 20 minutes later. They cleaned her up, checked her out and she had a rough two days being sore. Her face is healing quickly but her body still aches. It was a horrible time for a little bit because we didn't know just how bad it was for a bit after we got there. When we came around the bend in the road, all we could see was a HUGE truck and trailer and Olivia on the road. ouch ouch ouch
The Lord protected her and we are thankful that she didn't get hurt any worse than she did.
We renamed the park to a few other things: camphurtyourface.......campboo-boo........campdownhill...........camp911.........well, you could go on and on.........
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joy said…
YIKES! Poor Olivia....I hope she is feeling much better than that picture looked!

..and Poor Momma for having her heart stop seeing her baby like that...

Praise the Lord she is all right.

I am glad you all are back. There has been lots of silence in blog world and I look forward to hearing some chatter again.

I am so thankful Olivia is going to be just fine. I am so glad you all are home, I missed you very much. love you, Grandma
Peach said…
camp fall-down-go-boom?
Ouch, Livbugg!! Did you hurt the ground?

Goodness, that hurts to look at. I hope she isn't hurting anymore.

I had a bad face tear-up like that when I was about her age... I won't tell you how I got it.
Michele/Mrs. Mobunny said…
Tell us how you got it Peach.
She is mainly fine except for being sore in different places. It hurts her to sit still for very long.
hon rosie said…
Campscaryoufaceup! I think you forgot that one wot wot! I bey that jolly well hurt!
Anonymous said…

Camp Take-A-Tumble?

I did that to my face, too, at winter church camp.....sliding down the Tiki Run on an inner tube, I slid off the tube and the rest of the way down on my FACE.

Glad to hear you are on the mend, Livbug! :)
Anonymous said…
oh, uh, that was me---Mamalama!
Peach said…
I was leaning down in the "ashtray" of dh's car before we were engaged. He was taking me home for Spring Break from college and he hit the yellow pole on the right side of the car in the drive-thru at Hardees. I hit the cracked dash (bc I was looking for change to pay) and it cut my face right under my eye.
It hurt reallllll good! ;)

Lesson learned: Never ride alone in a car with a boy you aren't married to. :)
Michele/Mrs. Mobunny said…
GOOD lesson Peach.........
Happymama said…
Bless her heart. She looks so pitiful in that picture. Y'all are so funny to be renaming the camp. LOL

Michele, Your a funny person haha!

(It was fun to be pregnant with you and even MORE fun to have my baby before you did!)

Your one big bowl of joy ;-) lol
Tiffany said…
I read this on Olivia's blog and just now found yours. I didn't realize the fireman was from Brenham. Brenham is my home town. I'm glad to see her face has healed nicely.

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