Tuesday, July 24

Dooley's in Fredericksburg

This is one of my top three favorite stores. (one of the others is the gift shop at Mount Vernon) This is an old fashion five and dime store with creaky wooden floors. They have things like the stores did when I was little. It even smells like the stores did when I was a little kid. Lydia bought me a dollars worth of buttons for my birthday. I will hate to cut them off the card and use them..........some special way will come along to use them, I'm sure.
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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, buttons are nice...I like the mother-of-pearl kind. And Lydia looks so cute sporting her new bag.

I'm sorry I missed your birthday! :(

Did you have a nice celebration?
Did you get Cake?


Many Happy Returns!


I used to love these kind of stores also. Especially the squeeky floor. What a thoughful present from Lydia. GrandMa

Michele/Mrs. Mobunny said...

I didn't get any cake, but I got to shop in my favorite town with my favorite people! I got to choose where we ate and I had some Blue Bell ice cream!

Peach said...

Well, if you had Blue Bell ice cream, then you should be set until Christmas, huh? :D