Tuesday, July 24

don't try it.............

don't try to get ME to live in a house like these..... no-sireeeeeee
First of all, what kind of a gate is that anyway? Made out of sticks?
A house with a red tin roof? What were they thinking?
A bungalow? With a built up cement yard enclosure? Whatever.
A picket fence. I imagine there is a clothes line in the back somewhere that I would be expected to use.
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Happymama said...

I think it's quite lovely. I could see me living there. :)



Oh, Michele, I KNOW you well enough to know that you would never want to for someone to ask you to live in either of these houses.lol. Yeah? Grandma

Peach said...

I think the gate is ugly. It takes away from the beautiful porch on the house.
I've lived in a house with a red tin roof. It gets very noisy when the rain comes. Don't get me started about hail.

You definitely do not want to live in any of those houses. ;)

mo said...

whew, there for a minute, I thought that I did......thanks peach.....