Wednesday, June 6

Weeds in Your Garden (see pictures below)

I have a garden we call the 24 Hour Garden. I have, for the past month, watched grass grow in this garden. At first the grass was soft and short. It could easily be pulled out. Time passed but I did NOT pull the grass. The ground dried up and the grass grew tall and then it was like pulling wires out of cement. My hands are sore and it was not a pleasant gardening day.
I let things go. One of the worst things you can let happen in your garden is to let weeds go to seed. It's bad enough that the weeds are growing.......but to let them go to seed is MOST terrible.
We let the weeds go to seed because it is easier than pulling them. We think that anyway, but it isn't the truth. If you take care when weeds are little, they will not go to seed.
If you have a garden that looks this bad, people actually throw trash in it because they don't think you even care. It doesn't appear that you care, why should they?
Neighbors drive by and see the weeds, but they are not likely to stop and tell you. They have lots of weeds too, or they might not even have a garden, so who are they to talk? No, neighbors will not usually stop to tell you that you have weeds. They will just keep driving by and act like everything is fine.
Even after you pull the weeds it doesn't look all that great. The ground is bare, there are signs that WEEDS have been there and there are obviously no flowers.
It takes a long time and it hurts to weed a flower garden like I did today. It rained on me more than once, my gloves were soaked, my shoes were getting wet, rain was dripping on my glasses, it was humid beyond belief, there was no sun to brighten my job and nothing I got to drink made it much better. I wanted to give up and go in more than once........but I didn't. I knew I would have to face it sooner or later.
This flower garden would never get me 'yard of the month' here in my little town. No rewards for a garden full of grass and weeds. Nobody wants to look at it.
Why? in our life do we let things get out of hand? Why do we think something might be easier to deal with later rather than NOW? If I had pulled the grass and weeds out when it was new, short and tender, it would have been lots easier, but I waited. Did I think it would go away? Not look so bad after all? Not be noticed? Did I think I would get used to it and start to like it?
There are not blessings of obedience when you let things go. Letting things go doesn't sound like such a terrible sin, but it is. Things snowball on you. If something is bad, it usually starts out small and we can warm up to it easier. Weeds don't start out 4' tall and full of sticky/stickery seeds with dry roots that won't come up. They start out little and can be managed, if we only will pull them right then.
When you don't pick the weeds in your life, they will go to seed. One thing leads to another. It always does. If you slip and fall, you usually don't feel better AFTER it happened.
If you have things in your life that ought not to be there it hurts to remove them. It leaves bare spots and you might think it wasn't worth the pain of removal. Here I spent all that time getting that habit out of my life and there are no flowers yet. Well, it takes time for the flowers to grow back. How long were the weeds in your life? How big were they? How long did you put 'weeding' off? And you expect flowers right away?
I mentioned somebody throwing trash in the garden.............this happens in our lives too. We listen to wrong music, go places we shouldn't go, spend money we shouldn't spend, talk like we shouldn't talk,watch a movie that pleases ONLY the flesh and people know it. Then they will start to help us find cool music and even more bad movies since they figured out we don't care anyway. Let's go here, let's do this, let's buy one of these..........drop your guard and there will be a million reasons to leave it dropped.
No, we don't get many happy days when we allow our gardens to be full of weeds. We wonder why we are depressed, feeling out of sorts, angry, bitter, stressed out, short tempered, grouchy and just plain miserable. Great Peace Have They Which Love Thy Law.....................
Don't count on many friends to help you see how terrible you are. They will pass by daily and not say a word........because maybe they have lots of weeds themselves and have no room to talk. IF they by chance share something with you to try to get you to see your weeds, you MUST put your shovel and trowel down so you can listen to them. Don't hit them with a rake, run over them with your wheelbarrow and don't throw radish seeds at them.
So, your kids are out of control. How long should you wait before you make some changes and get motivated? Kids do NOT get better on their own. That's why they have parents. YOU are supposed to guide them in the right ways. Should you have just named them Sorry Charlie or Nettle?
You have a gossipy backbiting tongue. Just when should you stop? Shall you wait until you break somebody's heart? Reveal a secret? Push your way into somebody's private affairs? Complain until you get your way? Isn't that fun?
Do you covet? Well, NO. I just want this and that, and that, and that too. The more $$ you have the less satisfied you are and you let your kids and spouse know it daily? If you live in America you're better off than almost 5 billion people. Why don't we compare ourselves with them instead of the people that own Hummers?
So you home school. And now you have adopted the laid back approach. Kind of like the Pearl's did it, but not exactly........because their kids were actually learning something. Yours are not. You're so laid back you can't find a pencil. Is it laid back or lazy? We call it laid back because we're sure not going to admit that we are not on the right track, that things are haywire and things are not going very well at all. Listen to the things you say about your own little home-school and make sure that you don't have some weeds to pull when it comes to this. IF you wait your kids will pay dearly for it the rest of their lives. Don't let a row of neat school books on a shelf kid you into thinking that you are doing school.
My husband says if you have to say..........well, it wasn't TOO bad........then it was probably bad. Too bad to watch or listen to. Are you still watching PG movies? R rated movies? If those are not weeds in a Christian's life, I don't know what is. Are you watching them so you can 'know' what is out there? Are you so bored that you have to watch movies that mock at sin? mock sacred things? We sometimes seem to LIKE weeds. A weed is a weed. A flower is a flower. Sometimes we call weeds flowers since they don't look so bad after all.
I mentioned that when you pull weeds, flowers come up with them. That is why it is painful to pull the weeds. We lose every time we let them grow up together.
This is what I thought about today while I was pulling my terrible weeds and grass out of my garden. My garden sure does look better, it was not fun, it was worth it, I should have taken care of it sooner, the weeds will come back, but so will the flowers. And for that, I'm very thankful.


Pastor McEntire said...

I think I need to start gardening! Excellent application and thanks for helping me with the "weeds" in my life.

You are truly a jewel!

Happymama said...

Wow, what a post! It really spoke to my heart about the weeds in my own life. Thanks for posting that!



I pray that I will always be able to see the weeds as they come up into my life. I would never want to be a weed pretending to be a flower. That is too sad. Sounds like in spite of the clouds you had a very productive day. love Grandma

Mrs.B. said...

Excellent! Much to apply.