Saturday, June 30

Confrontation Piece?

Noooooooooooo, it's a Conversation Piece. Around here, that means a jumper from a shop located in Galveston or Spring, Texas. It means the fabric is nice and always very interesting, doesn't fade, the sizes can't be trusted, they have fun buttons and you CAN find them at thrift stores. I collect them. So does my friend Amy. We buy them even though we won't actually be able to wear them ourselves............. because we know we can give them to each other or find somebody that will fit into them.
I was in Galveston one day, in her store, and I summoned the courage to ask her how she got started.........she said she sewed jumpers and dresses in her basement, then got a store, then made loads of them, then stopped. The fabric got too expensive (over $12.00 a yard) and nobody bought them anymore. "People don't like jumpers..." she says. humph. Amy and I do!!!!! She now sells Sarah Elizabeth dresses that have swoopy necklines and are not very modest. Ho-hum.
Amy and I have quite an array of these jumpers and dresses.........we have matching cat jumpers. I think they both must have shrunk. Did I mention that they shrink? I buy them and two years later, they won't fit? Ain't that crazy?
Well, Amy's son has been listening and watching Amy and I go back and forth with these jumpers and dresses. We call each other, trade, plan when to wear them, compare buttons, complain about the sizes and the pockets that are sewn funny and whether or not we like milk bottles and apples on dresses...........

One day .............. Christian asked, "What's so good about CONFRONTATION pieces?" May 14, 2,007

Well, we have had nothing but fun with these is far from confrontation.........let me see if I can find that picture of us with our cat jumpers and you can see just how happy we are!!!!
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Chas said...

What a sweet friendship, to have your 'own' conversation that others don't seem to get! I think it is great! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Mo, I love the bright colored jumper. I have never heard of these. I am in Alabama though. Would you wanta sale one to me.. well, how much would one cost? My size is 8-10 or medium. Well, I love jumpers, and I love the ones shown here. Fabric does not fade? Where in the world does one find material like that--not Wally World thats for sure. Just a few washes from there and it's bout over.WEll, have a good Sunday and service.Love, Melissa Smith

Mrs. Mo said...

It doesn't fade because she used 'exquisite' quilting fabric!
I'll see if I have one in that size.......I'll get back with you.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty!
That one looks like stained glass. :)
How fun to have a Sister who shares your love of jumpers!


Karen said...

Hi Mo,
I came across your blog when I was looking up the Conversation Pieces website. I was given one of the jumpers as a gift and loved them so much I started my own collection. Some of the dresses are at least 12 years old! I was so sad when they stopped making them. I think at last count my collection has reached 14 dresses. You're right about the fabric never fading and at times they do seem like they've shrunk, although I think that's because I like to eat! I just love the dresses. I have found that over the years the fabric around the armholes does tend to wear thin but given the age of the dresses I'm not surprised. Thanks for sharing....too bad they didn't make any dresses with rabbits on them. I may attempt to copy the pattern and make a few of the dresses myself, they look pretty easy to do but if you still have some dresses in a size small you'd like to sell, I'm interested. Thanks for sharing your story.