Thursday, June 21

A challenge from a weak person............

I read something a long time ago that has stuck with me. I haven't practiced it like I should.....but it's worth thinking about.
Let's say you are writing a letter, an e-mail, talking on the phone, talking to somebody in person.......anything that means communication with another person or group. The challenge was to NOT complain about anything concerning your health. Not one little thing.
No mention of the sore on your elbow from when you fell walking the dogs 3 months ago, no talk of the splinter you dug out of your foot last week, not a word about your terrible headache, nothing mentioned about your aching knees, your ingrown toe-nail, your paper cut, your mouth sore, a sensitive tooth, your runny nose, your out of whack back, your graying hair, the soap you got in your eye, a hangnail or a burn on your tongue from drinking your coffee too hot!
I took somebody to a doctor's visit in Galveston a long time happened to be an office for VERY old people. That's all that was in there. I was thinking, BOY, do I ever complain about NOTHING. Here all these people are with walkers, oxygen, 3 people helping them get in and out the door, they can't hear, their eyesight is failing, they may or may not have teeth and they shake. And here most of us are.........whining about a hangnail.
So, here is my challenge, do not complain about any bodily problem you are having. Keep it to yourself. Take it to the Lord. You might be amazed at how many times you will find yourself beginning to utter a complaint about something that nobody wants to hear about and nobody can do anything about.
It's one thing to go to the doctor for a piece of scrap metal in your eye, but it's another thing to complain non-stop about your eyebrows hurting.


Gem said...

I remember a saying from our Amway days (many years ago!): Complain upline, encourage crossline and downline. It works in life as well!

Pastor McEntire said...

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Chas said...

Hi! I could have used this advice a couple of days ago. I have been down with (I think) food poisoning! And although it has been quite terrible, I really wished that I hadn't complained as much as I have and I REALLY wish I had prayed more during my waking moments.
With all that said, I will try this hence forth! :) As always, great advice!! :)