Tuesday, May 22

too fassssssssssssssst

We were checking out a state park we might some day be interested in going to, and this was a residence inside the park. This guy was out puttering around....he had old wash-tubs hanging from this little roof off of this little building. See the screen door? I think he just stuck it up there. I think he would have been fun to talk to...........but we went by too fassssssssssssssssssst.
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Anonymous said...

So when did you come to my hometown??? Hee hee.... But it really does look like some around here!:)


Peach said...

Wow, James is mean to not let you stop and talk. LOL Just kidding...

Happymama said...

I love the door and window on the side. What a cute idea. That would be cute indoors too...if you did an outdoor scene on wall, that is.