Sunday, May 27

there's only TWO things.............

that I don't like about the ocean........the wind and the salty water on my hands............
Am I going to let that stop me from enjoying everything else? The sand, the sun, the fresh air, the birds, the sounds, going to Buc-ees on the way out or coming home, time with my girls, taking a walk, warm sea water on my ankles, the smell of sun-tan lotion, bottled water, pictures just waiting to be taken? We've lived here for a LONG time and I have been to the 'beach' once. We've driven down there and taken people from Kansas to see the water, but other than that, we haven't enjoyed what is really close to takes less than 10 minutes to get to the water from our house if we don't stop at Buc-ees. It's a good place for us girls to have fun and I hope to start taking advantage.
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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go to the beach! We leave in 13 days!! We are going to Myrtle Beach. We haven't been to the beach since Eli was born and he will be 5 in Nov! I also google Earthed you and saw how close you were to the beach the other night, I was saying, surely she goes to the beach ALL the time!!!!! What a surprise!!!

mo said...

Well, USE SUN SCREEN OR COVER UP YOUR BODY WITH CLOTHES.......your shoulders, your nose, your neck, the tops of your feet.......the tops of your ears.

Happymama said...

Oh, I love everything about the beach. I like the way the salty air makes my skin feel. The smell of the ocean. The breeze that constantly blows from the water. Ahhhhh, so nice!


Peach said...

I think it is a sin to live that close to the beach and to not go.
You should be ashamed!


I hear that baby powder is effective at removing sand from skin.
Hope that helps in the future.
I'm sure you're one that loves the smell of baby powder. You seem like you would. :)