Saturday, May 26

Photo Entry Contest 5/26/07

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I loved this because it is so sharp and clear. It almost looks fake it is so real. It is like you can reach out and grab it. Good job. Grandma

Anonymous said...

I believe I will have to pick this one. One because it is a very cool picture, two because it is something I enjoy. It makes me want to reach out and touch it, very almost 3D'ish. I like both pictures but this one is my vote!! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like this one at all because it is so ordinary. I really think Olivia could have done much better.

I'm really suprised that the other picture did not win hands down! The judge must have been biased toward clothes pins??

From a completely unbiased, unprejudiced, totally not bitter casual observer!

hon rosie said...

I like this one because, everything around it is black, and its very clear.


hon rosie said...

So I think this one wins for me!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to anonymous commenter number two, I really think this one is the best.

The clarity of the back ground makes the subject really stand forward. The ordinariness of the object adds to the charm of the picture.

To accuse the judge of being biased is an unfair accusation.

I think Pastor McEntire would do well to take some pointers from this picture for the next round.

- someone who has no personal concern about who won

MO-JUDGE said...

The judge was unbiased as she could be anon..........her mind was totally free from likes and dislikes and she (me) followed a precise plan on how to judge photography.
(Actually, the judge LIKES tree parts....whether it be a berry or an everyday object MADE from wood.) It was a professional job of judging. You're rather sensitive, aren't you anon?
I must ask also, can charm be found in the ordinary?