Monday, May 14

My Favorite Meal with my Favorite People

Mother's Day Casserole, Pico, Fried Hominy, Zippy Beans and Rice..................and 'that cake'.
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Peach said...

Is that your pico? There's a lot of onions in that. I do not like onions.
What can you substitute in place of the onions?

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so fresh and yummy!! I am glad to see you had such a nice day!

mo said...

peach, hmmmmmmmm, if you don't like onions, why even EAT pico?
Give me a piece of apple pie without apples?
I'll take biscuits and gravy, with no gravy?
A Dr. Pepper with no ICE?
What am I gonna do with you?
Why doncha like onions anyway?

Happymama said...



My Ramblings said...

Could you please give the receipe for the Pico. It look wonderful and I would love to make it. Thank you.

Michele said...

this is how we make it....

we use a whole bundle or bunch of cilantro from the store....choose the nice green stuff, not wilted or any yellow spots

you can chop it up on a board or you can use kitchen scissors to do so....

find a good onion, one that isn't bitter......this is lots of the taste so it has to be good.....

we use about 3 jalapeno can clean the seeds out if you want, we usually leave them in,,,chop these up also

now for the tomato....
use a Roma, they aren't as squishy and fleshy.......cut one in half, scoop out the stuff in the middle and then chop it into small pieces also

some places have ingredients in this order, the first being the most


This is our order


Just suit it to your likes!

We sometimes will stir in some green sauce......just go to the 'ethnic' part of a store and pick out something green and mix it up with it........

Cilantro is kind of a funny thing, we couldn't stand the smell of it when we first learned about it, now I can eat spoon fulls of it in all kinds of stuff!

Peach said...

I like Dr. Pepper with no ice.
The ice waters it down...
I also like to drink a hot one out of the can... I have to really be in the mood for that.