Monday, May 14

Just a Cake...........

No wait, this wasn't JUST a cake..........every piece had 800 calories. At least the necklace wasn't fattening.
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Peach said...

was the cake any good?
It looks sinfully ungodly. :)

Daniel said...

That was one heavy duty cake, it gave me cramps. And by the way that was a little harsh!!!


Anonymous said...

:), what a sweet family! The cake looks incredible, did you eat it with ice cream to cut the sweetness? :) Have a great day!


eightsweets said...

Where's the recipe? Please?

mo said...

the cake is UNREAL.
Suzie, Olivia either has the recipe on her blog, or she's gonna post it soonly.
We didn't have ice-cream Chas....nothing would have helped. :0

Happymama said...

800 calories, huh? Slice me one anyway!