This was taken at a Mississippi rest stop. Is this so the people of the state won't sit on the ground, or for the people driving through that might not know what a bench is for? Or did they paint them a year ago and forget to remove the cones? Or is it so the park staff won't run into the benches when they drive around on the grass? Or is it for people to not BUMP into the benches while they're walking? Or what?
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Peach said…
No clue, but your commentary on the subject is quite similar to what I would say.
hon rosie said…
amandas.angels said…
Leave it to us in MS to have cones around our benches! Maybe it is to stop skateboarders from sliding on them or something. Very interesting question. What part of MS were you in?
Love & Blessings,
(: Amanda :)

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