Friday, May 25

baby possum

Just GUESS where this was.................
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Just Theresa said...

That would be your bathtub right? the water stopper gave it away :) lol

Hope you did not have to kill him.

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!!! YUCK!!!! I would have had a HEART ATTACK! What did you do????

Peach said...

He's cute! :)

Michele said...

I wasn't aware of it when it happened. The kids act the same way over a roach, so if I heard them all squawking, I wouldn't have thought anything of it.
James boxed him up, took him outside and let him go. There was no blood shed.

hon rosie said...

I thought Daniel was joking when he said that there was a possum in the bathtub! EWWWWWWW!!