Saturday, April 14


This is MY kind of playstation,,,,,,,,,,,,the kind you don't plug in.
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This is the kind of play station that I had growing up. My sisters and I even built our on little one room house with a tin roof. The cow knocked it down but while we had it, it was such great fun. We tried to befriend the cow but she remember the times we had taken her milk without permission so when she got with calf, she got us back and destroyed our little one room house. We had our own dishes and pot and pans, too.What would any kitchen be back then without a dishpan. We had to have clean dishes you know. Oh, well, I am getting carried away in memory but yes, that is the kind of playstation I once enjoyed. Grandma

Peach said...

WHAT do you do with all of those???

MO-COLLECT said...

Let's see.........I move them from place to place..........for different different times......I just enjoy them.
Lydia used to play with them, but not so much anymore.
I always thought it was more fun to play with REAL stuff as opposed to plastic stuff from the $$ store.

Peach said...

I'm starting to get more of the "real" mindset about things, too.
I'm looking into wooden toys. :)